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About Us

Honest Chocolates is about making the best-tasting chocolates possible for an affordable price.

We work really really hard to make our chocolates taste good. It means a lot when people tell us we make the best caramel (or honeycomb or marshmallow or soft center or ganache or...) they ever tasted. The candy's cooked in small batches. We use an eating chocolate chosen by customers in a blind taste test. Most of our products turn over within a week, so you know they're fresh. If a product doesn't sell we stop making it, so the ones we continue to carry are very popular with our customers (sort of a survival of the tastiest).

We keep our chocolates affordable by focusing on taste while watching other costs carefully. So we use bags instead of boxes (you can't eat a box!), avoid expensive ingredients, work out of a small town rather than the big city, and share our locations with other businesses, including the twelve wine tasting room in McMinnville and local Pinot Noir producer Seven of Hearts/Luminous Hills at our commercial kitchen in Carlton.

You are welcome to visit us anytime at our bricks & mortar stores and watch us dip chocolates.


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Dana Dooley