Bi-Mart Corporation



About Us

We’ve been bringing our members low prices for over 50 years. Bi-Mart was founded by a group of individuals who felt that the average working person deserved a better value for their hard earned dollars. At that time Fair Trade laws stated that merchandise had to be sold at or above the manufacturer's suggested retail price. How could we obey the law and still give customers a value? A membership concept proved to be the answer. By becoming members of Bi-Mart, our customers could purchase merchandise at a discounted price.

In 1955, we opened our first store in Yakima, Washington, in the garage of one of the original founders. Open only a few hours a week at first, business continued to grow until the store moved to its present location on 5th Avenue.

In 1962, Bi-Mart opened its second store at 18th & Chambers in Eugene, Oregon and shortly thereafter moved the corporate headquarters and distribution center to Eugene as well. Eugene continues to serve as our headquarters today.

Since that time we’ve steadily opened stores throughout the Northwest. Today, we’ve grown to 73 stores in Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

We look forward to serving you at any of our 73 locations. With low, everyday prices, a name brand selection of merchandise for the Northwest and friendly service- we’re Just Right for the Northwest. We hope you’ll shop with us soon!