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At The Clover Clinic you are treated as an individual. We work to find the cause of your health problems and treat you in the most gentle, natural and effective way possible. We offer both local naturopathic care in Newberg Oregon and virtual home health programs.

Our Providers: All doctors who work at The Clover Clinic are considered primary care and each has their emphasis. Dr Leah Olsen is a naturopathic physician who has a passion for helping patients regain their brain function and for general well being. Dr Bethel Flores is very talented at working with complex hormonal cases (both women and men) and has extra training in endocrinology and assisting in the healing of pelvic floor issues in women. Both also treat infertility, including the use of Baby in a Box.

Your appointment will typically take at least an hour as we cover everything about you, your health history, your goals and physical exam. We may also order lab work if necessary, prescribe medication and/or supplements and you may be assigned some diet diary homework.

If you’re ready to cover all your bases and truly figure out what is holding you back, call 503-487-6018 and

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