Coffee Cat Coffeehouse



About Us

Coffee Cat Coffeehouse is in a unique Historical setting. It's a whole lot bigger than it's Storefront suggests. There are very high ceilings, lots of exposed brick, and great colors that bring a little bit of class and sophistication. There are several nooks to take a seat whether at a table, couch or stuffed chair. You can be social or anti-social depending on where you sit. In one 2 seated room, you can do interviews or just have a great private chat with someone.
And on a nice day, you can sit outside.
For breakfast, we offer bagels with your choice of meat, eggs, or cream cheese. And we have locally roasted coffee for our vast variety of coffee drinks hot or cold. For lunch, you can try our house-made chicken salad and tuna salad or turkey, ham etc on your choice of bread with your choice of cheeses and numerous veggies.
We also bake a variety of cookies, cinnamon rolls, gluten free pastries, and more. Our smoothies are made with real fruit.



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