Domaine Divio



About Us

CHERISHING THE LAND: As a fourth generation grape grower in Burgundy, Bruno Corneaux, Proprietor and Winemaker, knows the importance of caring for the land: If you nurture it, it will reward you. This is why we adopt earth-friendly, sustainable farming methods that encourage natural growth through dry farming and organic practices.

ECO FARMING: We strive to create a true ecological balance in our vineyard by creating biodiversity through grass and legume growth in the vineyard rows, through diverse tree essence and by setting up insect habitats and wet areas throughout. We farm our vineyard without irrigation in order to force our root system to cross more soil layers in the search for deeper water, which gives the fruit more complexity. We also ban the use of any artificial chemicals, in order to allow the vines to help themselves by using biodynamic preparations and methods.

Wine Expression: We apply the same respect and attention to our wines, crafted intraditional Burgundian style with minimal intervention, no fining or filtration. Ultimately, our wine reflects the beauty of our land, with delicious fragrance and complexity that offers a graceful experience to the taster.

Located on 26 acres; 13 planted. Ribbon Ridge AVA. Tasting room opened in November 2015. First vintage 2012.