Lil' Cooperstown Pub & Grill



About Us

Our walls are covered in memories. Not just the memories of athletes, world leaders, and famous coaches; our restaurants are filled with your memories as well. We were here after your senior homecoming football game, we were here after your son’s exhausting soccer tournament, we were here when you ordered you first drink, we were here when you returned home from dropping your daughter off at college. We’ve been a part of these small town memories for over 13 years. The good, the bad, we’ve been with you through it all. We love these towns. We love our communities. We believe in teamwork and collaboration between neighbors and friends, and we’ve established Lil’ Coops as a place for all of this to happen.

Just like a family grows and changes over time, so have we. We are still that home-town sports pub you remember, but we’ve grown up a bit too. Come join the neighborhood. Come join the family. We can’t wait to see the memories you make with us!