Young Professionals of Yamhill Valley



About Us

Mission to serve the community and provide career-minded individuals with opportunities to develop socially, professionally, and civically.

You are a Young Pro if you…

Are between 21 and 40
Live or work in Yamhill Valley
Have a job OR want a job
Work for someone else OR work for yourself
Want to meet and connect with other peers in your community?
Are looking for an awesome social/networking group?

Want to join? It is very simple.
Come to a meeting.
Give us your email address.
Don’t pay anything. Because we don’t have any membership fees.

Why should you join?
The Young Pros of Yamhill Valley are motivated and dedicated to our community. We work hard to support local businesses, build effective relationships between other Young Professionals in the valley, and give back to local charities. Our meetings are laid back but community and networking focused where we casually converse with people in our groups without feeling the pressure of competition. We don’t harass for referrals or call you to sponsor events. We WILL “harass” you to attend local events and do what you can to give back to the community. Young Pros tend to be hustlers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders in our fields. If this sounds like anything you’re interested in, come to a meeting. We’d love to have you.